Characteristics and advantages of Xinjia high-speed quilting machine



(1) Adopting a reliable industrial control system, the spindle adopts a variable frequency drive system, and the rotation, X, and Y directions adopt a stepper drive system.

(1) Adopting a reliable industrial control system, the spindle adopts a variable frequency drive system, and the rotation, X, and Y directions adopt a stepper drive system.

(2) The main components are imported and equipped with specialized clips randomly.

(3) The specially designed machine head and presser foot mechanism have strong seam thickness ability.

(4) The machine head and base can rotate 360 °, and the machine head can automatically lift, facilitating the placement of extra thick materials.

(5) The needle bar automatic locking mechanism can effectively prevent needle breakage.

(6) Using a new industrial control motherboard, the system can be started with a USB flash drive and can run programs or restore control systems.

(7) You can use a USB flash drive to copy patterns and other files, and support USB hot swapping.

(8) Through the pattern management function, it is easy to copy and delete pattern files.

(9) Equipped with pattern browsing function, it can automatically recognize multiple pattern formats and rotate and mirror pattern graphics.

(10) Piece counting and reset function, work statistics function.

(11) Provide two types of bar-tacking: forward and reverse. The bar-tacking needle spacing can be specially adjusted and the length of the bar-tacking can be changed.

(12) The pattern trajectory search function is used to quickly locate a point in the pattern shape and start sewing.

(13) Real time display of quilting status and prompt operation methods.

(14) It can perform forward or reverse stitching, and provides buttons such as air in, air out, and threading.

(15) By setting and modifying functions, it is easy to set and modify the boundary of the frame.

(16) The position translation fine adjustment function allows for precise stitching of stitching and other materials.

(17) By setting boundaries and pattern margins, the pattern shape can be automatically scaled.

(18) Single head, single needle, double thread lock stitch, large rotary shuttle.

(19) The actual power consumption of the machine is less than 1kW.

(20) When the machine is stopped, the needle automatically stops at a high position and has a wire breakage detection function. It automatically stops when the line is broken.

(21) System testing function, which can quickly detect the working status of the machine and facilitate maintenance.

(22) The spindle fault detection function can effectively avoid the phenomenon of pulling and breaking the bed caused by spindle faults, and has protection functions such as exceeding the boundary.

(23) Provide two return to origin modes, automatic and manual, to avoid unnecessary downtime.

Quilted embroidery is the process of using long needles to sew laminated fabrics, with the inside of cotton (soft cotton, spray bonded cotton, silk like cotton, sponge, needle punched, and the entire cotton polyester fiber fixed). Taking bedding as an example, bedding usually consists of the fabric of the tire and the outer part of the fabric, with the tire separated by flocs and fibers. The structure and shape of the loose fiber layered core are not fixed, easy to flow and shrink, and the thickness is uneven. In order to tightly fix the inner core and inner core of the bedding fabric together, a beautiful and practical process called quilting is added to the uniform thickness of the fabric, the outer fabric, and the inner core of the line or pattern pattern (including stitching lines), which is sewn into the bedding or seat cushion. It's called a quilt pad.

The role, application fields, and characteristics of embroidery technology:

With the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's living standards, the usage and scope of quilting products have undergone significant changes. Quilted products used to mainly refer to ordinary bedding such as quilts and mattresses, but have now expanded to products such as Simmons, sofa fabrics, handbags, luggage, shoes, clothing, etc. From product development to practical gifts, from clothing and home furnishings. Quilting, with its rich variations, enhances the practicality and aesthetics of its products, creating a comfortable and comfortable living space for people.