Three pin computer quilting embroidery machine

Three pin computer quilting embroidery machine

The company is a set of software development, electronic technology, machinery manufacturing in one of the computer embroidery machine, sewing machine and related equipme


Product Detail


  - quilting products: clothing, sleeping bags, summer: Beijing is, mattresses, bedspreads, all kinds of cushion etc..

  The characteristics of:

  - set computer quilting embroidery in one,

  Automatic color change - head quilting, embroidering, arbitrary selection

  - continuous quilting independent figure, skip quilting function

  - ya to the infinite continuous quilting, front and rear mounted automatic tensioning system

  Universal machine - use 35 inch floppy disk with the ordinary embroidery, support USB flash, readable Tajima, Behringer, ZKS, SWF embroidery format.

  Adopt the independent presser foot type operation, make the products have stereo aesthetic feeling

  Design to the roller - ya, cloth can be continuous or quilting embroidery

  Has the advantages of simple operation, convenient, easy to learn - etc..

  - speed control, power failure protection, power-off memory function

  - break detection, retreat quilting

  - the high and low speed into retreat, function

  - shear line system, shear line length can be controlled. Centralized system hook line, stable and reliable.


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