Talent Concept

Talent Concept


Talent Strategy

We adhere to a “People-oriented” talent development concept, focus on personnel cultivation, encourage the spirit of innovation, continue to nurture talents, tap and give play to people’s intelligence. Be full of passion, work hard and do the most valuable thing. 


Talent development

We have been doing our utmost to offer competitive remuneration and welfare to our staff so as to achieve a win-win outcome for both the company and our staff.
You are welcome to join We to work with us toward a bright future.  

Recruitment position

Job Title
Number of recruits
Release time
Foreign trade clerk Regular college Unlimited 2021-02-27
Location of work: Rudong,Jiangsu,China - - Age limitation for work: 3-5 years Educational background: Regular college Number of people to be recruited: Unlimited Wages: 2500 - 3500
Responsibilities: Develop new customers and maintain old customers through the Alibaba platform. Qualifications: 1. College degree or above, CET-4 and above. Fluent in oral English, major in international trade, business English, and e-commerce. 2. Have six months to more than one year of foreign trade work experience, familiar with foreign trade business processes and various links. 3. Possess good communication, coordination and execution skills, work steadily and earnestly, respond quickly and sensitively, and have a strong sense of responsibility. Salary: 2500-3500 yuan (base salary) + commission, can include board and lodging, and pay five insurances.
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