Computer embroidery machine

Computer embroidery machine

The company is a set of software development, electronic technology, machinery manufacturing in one of the computer embroidery machine, sewing machine and related equipme

Product Detail

  The characteristics of:

  LCD color liquid crystal display, can support, English, Korean, Spanish and other languages of the conversion of Turkey;

  Automatic color change - tuibu embroidery, disconnection, automatic detection, software and hardware double limit function;

  - synchronized with rotation, scaling, delete, copy, repeated embroidery, embroidery, circulating the bulk embroidered, synchronized editing;

  - embroidery process, according to the characteristics of the stitches, self controlled embroidery speed dusting, makes the embroidery is more stable, lower breakage rate, improve work efficiency;

  - wood products are mainly used in ordinary embroidery, curtain fabric, home textile, water-soluble fabric and lace fabric;

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