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Nantong xinjia machine&electron Co., LTD is located in the Southern Yellow Sea coast of the Jiangsu province Rudong County barracks Industrial Park, and in the international metropolis of Shanghai across the river,only 15 minutes by car from the north wing of the Yangtze River Delta only 200000 ton deep-water harbor -- Yangkou Port, marine railway. From Nantong Xingdong Airport,the Sutong Bridge is only 30 minutes by car.......



"Refine on, innovation, customer service, boost customer"
Nantong xinjia machine and electron Co.Ltd established early down the core viewpoint of value.



The honor and fame we received are after all just name but what matters really is
the performance and ability. Reputation is a symbol of our hard work and
contributions, it's also praise and appreciation for our performance and even more
it is a commitment to all our product and service from our company.


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Customer service, customer, make a big boost converter;
Do customers and business booster is the new Nantong Jia electromechanical Co., service concept;



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We are focusing on the Company's dynamics and releasing fresh information.

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Customer satisfaction is the standard for testing product quality. We always listen to customers' voices to understand their needs, and define the quality standard based on customer satisfaction, and try every means to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Xinjia machine&electron be as hard-working and sincere and march into the new era together.

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